Fundraise for REED Academy and make us SMILE

Current Campaigns

Pam and Aaron Celebrate Their Marriage And Give Back

In celebration of their love for each other and their wonderful family, Pam and Aaron are encouraging donations to REED Academy in lieu of gifts for their wedding. REED is the amazing school that gives their Dylan the incredible support that helps him to thrive in the face of autism. REED gives their family so much and they are thrilled to give back.

Celebrate Their Love

REED Fundraising Champions

Stella and her family have been long-time supporters of REED Academy. For her Bat Mitzvah, she dedicated her community service project to REED. Stella created the Spin for REED campaign and raised over $5,000! You, too, can create a campaign that impacts the lives of children and their families with autism.

Here’s our challenge for you. Start a campaign for REED just like Stella did.  Raise for REED.  It’s fast and fun, and you are helping others along the way.

For Ashley’s Bat Mitzvah Project, she wanted to do something for a cause that is very close to her.  Her brother Ryan has autism and attends REED Academy, so it was only natural that she wanted to give back to a community that played a large role in supporting her brother and family.  She decided to host a spin-a-thon to raise money for the school and raised $3,000!

There are so many ways to make a difference for the REED community. Host a virtual ice cream social or lemonade standGet Creative for REED.

Thank you Stella and Ashley for making REED Academy smile!

How To Start Your Own Fundraiser

Decide what to do.

It’s in your hands. You get to decide how you want to raise your funds.

Tell your story.

Set up your page and tell people why you have chosen to fundraise for REED.

Ask for support.

Ask friends & family to get involved in your efforts to raise funds.

Transform lives.

Change lives with the money you raise for REED.

Here are some ideas. Still not sure what to do? Just ask us.

Previous Campaigns

Casey Gives His Birthday to REED Academy by Opening A Virtual Lemonade Stand

His mission was simple — help those who have dedicated their lives to helping these kids and their families. All funds were given to REED Academy.

SmartLinx supports REED Academy during Autism Awareness Month

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, SmartLinx Solutions is making a difference by supporting REED Academy. Thank you SmartLinx for making REED Academy smile!

If you aren’t ready to commit, consider making a one-time gift to REED Academy.

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