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The Bridge

Bridge REED Academy

Bridging the school day to the every day for
individuals with autism and their families.

The Bridge Program includes:

  • Individualized home/community ABA based programming
  • Intensive ABA training for families and therapists
  • Ongoing assessment of individual progress
  • Supervision and curriculum development
  • Ongoing communication and support for families within the program
  • Instruction in science-based teaching strategies and data collection techniques
  • Ongoing progress reports and data collection
  • Hands-on and lecture-based training models for school districts and private organizations
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At REED Academy, we know some families need support when the school day ends…
and we are here to help.

REED Academy’s Bridge Program uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach essential skills that will enable individuals with autism to live productive and fulfilling lives.

ABA focuses on making meaningful and positive changes in behavior and is the only method endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Surgeon General for the treatment of Autism.

REED is currently accepting intakes from districts, insurance companies and private clients.

We are Hiring!

The Bridge Program at REED Academy is currently seeking therapists with ABA experience for immediate part-time positions. Responsibilities may include: working 1:1 with families within the home environment, providing training to families of individuals with autism, creating individualized curriculum and analyzing data. Afternoon, evening, and weekend hours are available. The Bridge Program offers extensive on-going training in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

If you are interested in obtaining a position in The Bridge Program at REED Academy, please forward your resume to Kim Donaghy, Director of the Bridge Program.

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