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Data Collection

Catalyst is an advanced web-based system that supports data collection using the iPad®/iPod touch®, automated graphing, sophisticated data analysis, and progress reporting.

Integrating technology into REED Academy is an important part of our school-wide success. Not only does technology aid our students in communication, help to provide a variety of teaching modalities, and provide leisure activities, it also plays an important role in the efficiency of data collection and analysis for our learners.  Catalyst is helping to improve the quality of our educational services by maximizing the efficiency of our programming and providing teachers, classroom consultants, BCBAs, and parents easy access to information.

One of the primary advantages to having an online data collection platform is that time allocated for data entry is spent analyzing data and modifying curriculum to maximize learner success. The flexibility of this data management system allows for the potential of faster skill acquisition and enhanced individualization. For more information please visit:

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