Rising to the Challenge

If REED Academy had a mantra, we imagine it would be “rising to the challenge.” At REED, we believe that our challenge is to always stay one of the most creative, innovative and forward-thinking autism schools in the nation.

We as a staff see endless opportunities to grow and constantly improve. What helps us do that? Looking at best practices around the country and integrating them into our school, introducing new technologies that enhance our ABA strategies, data analysis and creating new expertise to enhance the REED educational program. As we always say, we never rest on our laurels…here’s a few of our latest additions…

  1. Speech – We now have two speech pathologists whose dedicated role is to support the students’ speech and language needs. Speech services will be delivered collaboratively within an ABA framework and will serve to enhance our already successful educational model.
  2. Training – Learning is not just important for our students, it’s also essential for our organization. Formal school-wide trainings are conducted throughout the school year. The clinical leadership of REED holds trainings with the classroom consultants weekly. The classroom consultants conduct trainings with the instructors daily. Our clinical team remains committed to providing a steady stream of new techniques and information in order to ensure our staff is growing and constantly striving for excellence.
  3. New Data Collection Technology – Catalyst has allowed for increased and on-demand access to data for all staff members (and parents). The electronic database has increased the speed at which new programs and targets can be worked on, and has significantly enhanced the way that the staff at REED analyze data and make data-based decisions for students.

Challenges are opportunities, which is why we are tirelessly rising to them in order to improve and grow as a school community.

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About the Author:

Jill has been the Executive Director of REED Academy since 2012 and prior to that she served on the Board of Directors. Jill’s leadership philosophy is that innovative thinking and respectful collaboration can solve any problem. She leads the organization with an open door policy to her staff and families in order to create a warm caring environment. She makes it her priority to be abreast of the latest organizational trends and technologies so REED can implement best practices administratively and clinically.