Thank you for your interest in REED Academy. In order for a child be considered for enrollment, an intake form must be completed and submitted to REED Academy.

To make a request for intake, please complete the Google form located here. Once the intake form is received it will be placed into our admissions database. Please refrain from sending any student records until a formal request has been made. For additional information, please contact Dr. Leah Farinola, Principal, Chief School Administrator, at [email protected].

Admissions Philosophy

It is the goal of REED Academy to provide educational opportunities to individuals with a diagnosis of autism who are ages 3-21. Core to REED’s admissions philosophy is the principle that REED Academy accepts families not just students. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must demonstrate a willingness and ability to be active participants in their child’s educational programming.

Services shall not be denied to any otherwise eligible person because of socioeconomic status, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, 1973).


  1. An Intake Request Form can be submitted by parent(s)/guardian(s) or the school district. REED administrators are automatically notified when new intake requests are received, and received forms go into the intake database.
  2. When there are openings for students, REED will review intakes that have been received and contact the individual who submitted the request. If the parent(s)/guardian(s) or district team member indicate that a placement is still desired at REED, the intake process will continue.
  3. Once requested by REED administration, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and/or district will next send over educational records such as: the most recent IEP document (with goals and objectives), recent educational evaluations, a recent progress report, and any additional records that will help us to gain information about the child’s educational history to date. REED’s administrators will then review these records.
  4. If placement seems potentially appropriate based on the information reviewed, REED administration will then contact the district and/or family to request that the parent(s)/guardian(s) fill out the Intake Parent Survey. REED’s administrators will be automatically notified once this survey has been completed and will review the information prior to the meeting.
  5. Once the survey has been reviewed – and if placement still seems potentially appropriate – REED administration will contact the district and/or family to set up an intake meeting.

On the day of the intake meeting, we ask that families do the following:

  • Ensure that both parents/guardians (if applicable) attend the meeting.
  • Bring the child and some of his/her highest preferred items (toys, snacks, etc.). When bringing snacks, please keep in mind that we are a nut-free facility.
  • Provide any information to us that is felt to be important to know when interacting with the child (e.g., likes, dislikes, toileting needs); this can be provided ahead of time or the day of.

The structure of an intake meeting is as follows:

  • After greeting the family, several of our senior staff (typically including BCBAs and speech and language specialists) will interact with the child throughout the building for the next 45-60 minutes.

    During this time, the staff will engage with the child with preferred activities and items and also perform formal and informal assessment to evaluate foundational learning skills. Skills assessed include: eye contact, matching, imitation, following directions, basic receptive ID, basic labeling, question-answering, and play and leisure.

  • While the team is working with the child, the parents and district staff (e.g., case manager) will meet with REED’s administrators.

    During this meeting, the following will be discussed: reasons for seeking placement at REED, the educational philosophy of REED’s program, any challenges with the child’s learning history, and any behavioral concerns. We feel it is crucial that parents understand what the program does and does not offer and that we understand parent/district needs.

Once the intake meeting has concluded, REED administration will be in contact with the district regarding whether or not placement will be offered. An offer of placement is based on a variety of factors that take into account REED’s ability to provide effective educational and behavioral supports for all students in the school program. In addition, factors such as appropriate peer matches are considered.

If placement is not offered, as much information will be shared as possible to help districts and parents understand the decision that was made. If placement is offered (and accepted), services from REED will start on the date mutually agreed upon by the district and REED.

REED Academy Franklin Lakes
(Ages 3-12)
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REED Academy Oakland
(Ages 13-21)
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