Our Autism Acceptance Month series continues today with a message from Carol Winik, whose son Evan has been part of the REED family since 2011 and is now participating in the REED Next Day program.

I cannot emphasize enough what a lifeline this program has been for Evan and our family. Like any young adult, Evan desires more independence, freedom, and opportunities for socialization. Thanks to REED, he now engages in group activities such as trips to the YMCA, libraries, malls, parks and bowling with his peers. He is also gaining valuable work experience at Greens Do Good and Francesca Pizza. It is remarkable how much progress Evan has made both verbally and socially since his early days at REED.

Individuals with autism are often overlooked despite their many capabilities. Seeing Evan happy and flourishing has been our main focus therefore supporting REED for the last 13 years has been a natural choice for us. We have witnessed firsthand the incredible impact the organization has had on his development.

Please consider giving to the REED Foundation for Autism even if you are not directly touched by REED’s services. Every contribution helps create a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals like Evan.

Thank you for supporting REED’s life-changing work.

Warm regards,

Carol Winik